Munur á milli breytinga „Notandaspjall:Cessator“

* Target username: [[User:Rxy|Rxy]]
* Reason: I want to [{{fullurl:Special:RenameUser|oldusername=Hosiryuhosi&newusername=Rxy}} change my current username to short username] at WMF wikis globally. Note: Global account "[[Special:CentralAuth/Rxy|Rxy]]" is my account (confirm: [[w:ja:Special:PermaLink/41067254|1]], [{{fullurl:w:ja:Special:Log/newusers|user=Hosiryuhosi&page=User:Rxy&uselang=en}} 2]). I'm sorry for request to here. I can't find request page. Thanks. --[[Notandi:Hosiryuhosi|Hosiryuhosi]] ([[Notandaspjall:Hosiryuhosi|spjall]]) 19. mars 2014 kl. 14:16 (UTC)
Done. --[[Notandi:Cessator|Cessator]] ([[Notandaspjall:Cessator|spjall]]) 18. apríl 2014 kl. 22:20 (UTC)